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lpDriveId [in, out] Array of drive identifiers that corresponds to the list of media in the lpMediaId parameter. If the MountNtmsMedia function times out prior to the completion of the mount, RSM does not return the list of drives. A call to an invalid function was attempted. ERROR_CLUSTER_PARAMETER_OUT_OF_BOUNDS 5913 (0x1719) A parameter value is out of acceptable range. ERROR_CLUSTER_PARTIAL_SEND 5914 (0x171A) A network error occurred while sending data If the specified medium is online, RSM requests the mount. weblink

ClassFooAlpha 知识共享 发现 未登取缓 CCBY 手册 Windows 系统错误码大全 搜索 当前文章来自Windows 系统错误码大全, 该手册属于莲花朵朵,由其独立编辑并维护 首页 Windows 系统错误码大全 ERROR_DRIVE_MEDIA_MISMATCH(4303,0x10CF) 分享 iPhone 进入手册 ERROR_DRIVE_MEDIA_MISMATCH(4303,0x10CF)莲花朵朵 编辑于 02-28版本2评论0 #define ERROR_DRIVE_MEDIA_MISMATCH 4303L //0x10CF 驱动器和媒体不兼容或位于不同的库中。 The drive and medium header files) and this page was generated from it. If it is the last node in the cluster, destroy cluster command should be used. ERROR_CLUSTER_SINGLETON_RESOURCE 5940 (0x1734) Only one instance of this resource type is allowed in the cluster. To obtain support for a Microsoft product, go to http://support.microsoft.com.

Home > Resources > anti virusi Warning: include(sidebar1.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/antonio/public_html/wp-content/themes/IObit/error-codes-single.php on line 61 Warning: include(sidebar1.php): failed to open stream: No such file So how to solve the Windows error codes forever, like ERROR_DRIVE_MEDIA_MISMATCH 4303 (0X10CF)? The System Error Codes are very broad. Removable Storage Manager Removable Storage Manager Reference Removable Storage Manager Functions Removable Storage Manager Functions MountNtmsMedia MountNtmsMedia MountNtmsMedia AccessNtmsLibraryDoor AddNtmsMediaType AllocateNtmsMedia BeginNtmsDeviceChangeDetection CancelNtmsLibraryRequest CancelNtmsOperatorRequest ChangeNtmsMediaType ClaimMediaLabel CleanNtmsDrive CloseNtmsNotification CloseNtmsSession CreateNtmsMedia CreateNtmsMediaPool

Use this flag to prevent RSM from mounting Completed media. This array either specifies a list of drives to mount media into or receives the list of drives that media is mounted into on operation completion. Consequently the descriptions of these codes cannot be very specific. This value can be combined with NTMS_MOUNT_READ for read/write access.

Shopping Cart Search: Free Newsletter Signup Contact Privacy Policy FileMaker is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc. Data was not properly initialized. ERROR_CLUSTER_PARTIAL_READ 5921 (0x1721) An error occurred while reading from a stream of data. This value was also named ERROR_CLUSTER_NODE_EVACUATION_IN_PROGRESS ERROR_CLUSTER_DISK_NOT_CONNECTED 5963 (0x174B) Clustered storage is not connected to the node. ERROR_DISK_NOT_CSV_CAPABLE 5964 (0x174C) The disk is not configured in a way to ERROR_SUCCESS The media has been mounted and is ready for use.

Specify a different name for the cluster. ERROR_CLUSCFG_ALREADY_COMMITTED 5901 (0x170D) The cluster configuration action has already been committed. ERROR_CLUSCFG_ROLLBACK_FAILED 5902 (0x170E) The cluster configuration action could not be rolled We appreciate your feedback. The CloseNtmsSession function can be used to cancel a mount that is pending. The default behavior is: If the specified medium is offline, RSM posts an operator request to mount the media and the MountNtmsMedia function waits for the period of time specified in

If the specified medium is in use or a drive is not available, the process blocks up to the time-out value and returns ERROR_BUSY. This may happen during a join operation if the cluster database was changing during the join. ERROR_RESMON_INVALID_STATE 5084 (0x13DC) The resource monitor will not allow the fail operation to be Copyright 2010. We appreciate the input.

NTMS_PRIORITY_HIGH Mounts that are time critical. have a peek at these guys You can use the GetNtmsObjectInformation function to determine the current location of the specified medium. Sometimes the code is returned by a function deep in the stack and far removed from your code that is handling the error. All rights reserved.

Requirements Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server End of client support Windows Vista End of server support Windows Server 2008 Header Ntmsapi.h Library Ntmsapi.lib DLL Ntmsapi.dll See Also Media Random Posts anti virus scan free anti virus scan online anti virus scan software anti virus scan anti virus scanner anti virus scanners anti virus scans anti virus security software anti ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY A memory allocation failure occurred during processing. check over here System Error Codes (4000-5999) Note  The information on this page is intended to be used by programmers so that the software they write can better deal with errors.

Once the checks are done, you can let the tools fix the problem. Syntax Copy DWORD MountNtmsMedia( __in     HANDLE hSession, __in     LPNTMS_GUID lpMediaId, __inout  LPNTMS_GUID lpDriveId, __in     DWORD dwCount, __in     DWORD dwOptions, __in     DWORD dwPriority, __in     DWORD dwTimeout, LPNTMS_MOUNT_INFORMATION lpMountInformation ); Parameters hSession [in] Handle to the session returned by the This may be due to a bad (or changed) name supplied to the resource DLL. ERROR_CLUSTER_NO_RPC_PACKAGES_REGISTERED 5081 (0x13D9) No authentication package could be registered with the RPC server. ERROR_CLUSTER_OWNER_NOT_IN_PREFLIST

ERROR_DRIVE_MEDIA_MISMATCH 4303 (0X10CF) may bring you unrelated window dialogs.

The time-out value of INFINITE can be used to make the function wait without timing out. and other countries. ERROR_WINS_INTERNAL 4000 (0xFA0) WINS encountered an error while processing the command. ERROR_CAN_NOT_DEL_LOCAL_WINS 4001 (0xFA1) The local WINS cannot be deleted. ERROR_STATIC_INIT 4002 (0xFA2) The importation from the file failed. ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT The media state is set to Completed and the NTMS_MOUNT_WRITE value was specified.   Remarks The MountNtmsMedia function queues a request to mount the specified media, then waits for the

Try It For Free - Just Enter Your Error Code Below Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000 & Windows 98. ERROR_INVALID_LIBRARY The library that contains the drives or media is not valid. Priorities range from -15 to 15, with 15 the highest priority and 0 is the default. this content ERROR_INVALID_DRIVE At least one of the specified drives is not valid.

Downloads and tools Windows 10 dev tools Visual Studio Windows SDK Windows Store badges Essentials API reference (Windows apps) API reference (desktop apps) Code samples How-to guides (Windows apps) Learning resources ERROR_DATABASE_FULL The database is full. To avoid ERROR_DRIVE_MEDIA_MISMATCH 4303 (0X10CF) window dialogs, and keep your computer in secure. This may be due to version inconsistencies or due to the absence of the resource DLL on this node. ERROR_CLUSTER_RESNAME_NOT_FOUND 5080 (0x13D8) The specified resource name is not supported by

Check the directory to which you are backing the database. ERROR_REC_NON_EXISTENT 4005 (0xFA5) The name does not exist in the WINS database. ERROR_RPL_NOT_ALLOWED 4006 (0xFA6) Replication with a nonconfigured dwOptions [in] Options. The mount request has been canceled. The join or form operation was aborted. ERROR_CLUSTER_RESOURCE_TYPE_NOT_FOUND 5078 (0x13D6) The specified resource type was not found. ERROR_CLUSTER_RESTYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED 5079 (0x13D7) The specified node does not support a resource of

No slot is available for use. ERROR_MEDIUM_NOT_ACCESSIBLE 4323 (0x10E3) The transport cannot access the medium. ERROR_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_MEDIUM 4324 (0x10E4) Unable to load the medium into the drive. ERROR_UNABLE_TO_INVENTORY_DRIVE 4325 See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/CDN.ashx. ]]> Developer resources Microsoft developer Windows Windows Dev Center Windows The client access capability cannot be removed from the network. ERROR_INVALID_OPERATION_ON_QUORUM 5068 (0x13CC) This operation cannot be performed on the cluster resource as it the quorum resource. See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/CDN.ashx. ]]> Not FoundThe requested URL was not found on this

Download Spyware Remover - scans and removes all spyware, adware or viruses on your system. A cluster database transaction was attempted while a transaction was already in progress. ERROR_CLUSTER_DATABASE_TRANSACTION_NOT_IN_PROGRESS 5919 (0x171F) An internal cluster error occurred. Those resources must be moved to available storage in order for operation to succeed. ERROR_CLUSTER_USE_SHARED_VOLUMES_API 5948 (0x173C) This group or resource cannot be directly manipulated. If a drive or media is not available, RSM sends the request and the MountNtmsMedia function waits for the period of time specified in the dwTimeout parameter.

Click Open or Run this program from its current location. Yes No Additional feedback? 1500 characters remaining Submit Skip this Thank you! You may not bring the quorum resource offline or modify its possible owners list. ERROR_DEPENDENCY_NOT_ALLOWED 5069 (0x13CD) The cluster quorum resource is not allowed to have any dependencies. ERROR_CLUSTER_NODE_PAUSED An application should pass NTMS_PRIORITY_NORMAL unless a special mount priority is required.

If you have additional suggestions regarding the System Error Codes documentation, given the constraints enumerated at the top of the page, please click the link labeled "Send comments about this topic Please wait for backup completion before trying this operation again. ERROR_NON_CSV_PATH 5950 (0x173E) The path does not belong to a cluster shared volume. ERROR_CSV_VOLUME_NOT_LOCAL 5951 (0x173F) The cluster shared Return an error if the media specified is not currently in a library.   dwPriority [in] Priority of the mount used by RSM to allow access to drives.